7 Things To Avoid In Order To Gain Followers On Twitter

Twitter is the newest craze to hit the internet since Facebook and Myspace. It is also one of the best marketing campaign tools that any business can do for their company. Your profile on twitter is probably one of biggest and most important to your overall success. There are seven very common but devastating sins that you need to avoid in order to gain followers to your business.

1. Twitter Profile Photo

Your potential customers decide if they want to add you or not by first checking your profile picture. One of the biggest mistakes that you can ever make on twitter is not provide your customers with a picture and therefore being labeled as a spammer. There has been a recent study that has proved that if you do not produce a picture for your profile you can drop your followers by a huge 80%. That is a lot of followers when you are trying to promote a picture. So be sure that you place a picture onto your twitter profile

2. Non Personal Twitter Photo

You are probably like many people and have several different hobbies or interests so you may choose to put a photo up of your favorite pet or car. You need to avoid this at all costs. People relate to people and not objects. You stand to lose a lot of followers if you continue to use this practice. Your best bet would be to place a photo of yourself and avoid all the problems.

3. Photo of Your Favorite Hero

You probably have one person in your personal life that you idolize and as a result wish to use it as your profile picture. Well don’t do it. Unfortunately people like the real person not some idol. You will be once again labeled a spammer or just completely ignored.

4. Sexy Twitter Photo

If you feel you are hot and feel like you have the assets to prove it you need to keep those pictures limited to Myspace instead of on a site that you are trying to promote your business. A lot of business owners have been known to try and use their assets to gain customers but alas instead they have been labeled a spammer and have become ignore.

5. Boring  Twitter photo

Most of your potential followers receive up to 20 invites a day to choose one group or another. Because of this they tend to make snap decisions. If you have a grainy, boring, or blurry picture let’s face it you will just be ignored. Make sure the picture that you put in profile is easy to see and recent.

6. Group Twitter Photo

Your potential followers want to follow one person not several. Avoid placing group pictures on your profile. The only exception to this should be those of married couples.

7. Amateur Twitter Photo

If you are trying to put forward a professional air then you need to use a professional picture. Do not just place any old picture it will just get you ignored.

As you can see from the deadly sins your profile picture is one of the important parts of your whole twitter profile. If it is done correctly you stand to gain a lot of valuable followers.

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