An Effective Twitter Strategy

Three Basic Keys To An Effective Twitter Strategy

Twitter is one of the hottest messaging tools that are available on the internet today. It is most often basically defined as a microblogging platform that consists of only 140 characters. If you are one of those that do not know how to operate twitter correctly you run the risk gaining the reputation of being a spammer which is something you definitely do not want.

There are three basic keys to an effective twitter strategy that you need to be aware of which are transparency, engaging conversation, and sharing information. If you can do all three of these and do them in the right way, you will be in a great position for people to know you as well as both like and trust you. Remember people will buy only from certain people that they trust.

Before you even begin to consider using twitter for your business there are several different things that you will need to do.

1. Twitter Profile

If you wish to be taken seriously instead of being labeled a spammer you need to set up your profile correctly. In the name line for example your real name not your user name will go into this line. The twitter profile name will answer the question of who is behind the screen. In the URL field is where you will place your website. If you do not happen to have a website you can use either your Facebook ID or your Linkedin profile.

Next you are going to want to include a brief biography about yourself. This should be 160 characters or less. Due to the fact that you have so few characters available to you need to take careful consideration in how you wish to portray yourself. You need to be sure that you also include a location because twitter is worldwide and your customers like to know where in the world you are located. A lot of people start connections with people because of where they are located.

Finally make sure that you provide a headshot in your profile. Customers will want to see what you look like.

2. Conversation

Be sure that you engage in conversations and keep your topic geared towards the niche you are aiming for. Be careful though and do not come across pushy to your customers. If you seem pushy they will not purchase your product. Use Twitter Replies.

3. Information

Share other peoples information in your tweets. If someone finds your tweet interesting and connected to their field of study and they link to it, be sure to thank them.

All of these take you a long way in connecting you to others in the twitter community. At only 140 characters twitter can be one of the most powerful marketing campaigns that you can do in promoting your business.

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