A Brief Guide to Patios and Decks

You could be having some space within your backyard and considering the best way of beautifying it. There are numerous options to consider, including converting this space into a garden, installing a swimming pool or installing patios and decks. It is however important taking note that gardens do require routine maintenance. Homeowners who like to swim can install pools but need to ensure keeping them in hygienic state at all times. Patios and decks are characteristically distinct from each other, yet share similarities in their functionality. The comparison below could prove helpful in knowing which one of them to have installed perhaps by specialists in patios Perth has today.

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The word patio is Spanish for courtyard and refers to any kind of open space encompassed by walls. Patios in use today might not however adhere strictly to such description, since being found on ground level mostly means they may or may not be covered. Installing patios in Perth would for instance provide a superb place for resting, setting up a barbecue stand or placing next to the pool. In most cases, their bare form enables someone to experience the courtyard openly, without requiring any form of railings.


Conversely, decks are inspired by ship decks and require a railing for reasons of safety. These also afford someone the liberty of building on sloping ground. Decks are the more preferred choice in places with sloping grounds, since patios hardly sit well on such areas. Checkout at Platinum Outdoors

Materials Utilized for Patios and Decks

Patios are commonly made using tiles, concrete, stone or gravel. These materials work quite well, as they are normally installed on level ground. Experts for installing patios Perth has may set them up like an island in a manner completely detached from the house. Surrounding it brilliantly with landscaping easily makes it appear attractive.

Vinyl or wood is normally applied in constructing decks. Type of wood utilized ends up impacting the look of decks greatly, just as with any wooden structure. It is commendable selecting a color that complements your house. The choice of a standalone deck would require a homeowner to employ some creativity to keep it from contrasting sharply with the home.

Choosing between Patios and Decks

Patios and decks each serve a unique purpose. Whereas the patio Perth decking firms install for example, greatly suits hosting of parties that involve barbecues, pool parties and fire pits, decks tend to suit the quieter objectives better.

Decks would cost more generally being wooden in nature, but do ultimately improve the resale value of a home. They work even better for houses with a picturesque view. As an illustration, homeowners ought to make an appropriate determination of whether to use decks or patios Perth WA firms have available, based upon their situational requirements.

It is vital to settle for reliable professionals if seeking to install the latest options of decks and patios Perth has within your home. You can connect with such a team online today by logging onto

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