Twitter Tools for more Followers

Twitter Tools That Will Help You Find Targeted Followers For Your Online Business

Before addressing the subject of Twitter directories you’ll first want to know what Twitter is.

Twitter is a social network site used categorically for micro blogging. The website allows you to let others know what you are doing through brief messages.  You are also informed about what other Twitter members are doing at any given time.  The individuals who let you know their whereabouts and daily minute-by-minute activities are the people you follow.

It is not new knowledge that the Twitter micro blog allows its users to interrelate with their acquaintances and family members  Also it has proven to be a worthwhile tool in allowing marketers to maximize the traffic to their website.

Since it has been established that Twitter can assist in helping you with your marketing scheme there are other associated Twitter tools that can optimize your use of Twitter.  The best tools you can find in the right sidebar on our website Especially Twitter Match & Dating , with use of this tool you can find followers based on specific interests and follow groups instantly. it is common these followers will follow you also. One other tool is the Twitter directory and the basis for the article.  The directories are available in order that you may find possible followers that can further benefit your business interests.

One example of a directory associated with Twitter is known as Twellow.  Twellow can be compared to the business directory of Twitter because it provides a listing of all of Twitter users and within categories that are industry specific.  In this way you may find individuals who may have an interest in your product and/or services.

So the next question may be:  How does a Twitter user go about using Twellow?  The site is not difficult to use.  All that is needed is that you visit  Let us suppose that you have a website where you sell and promote music videos.  Naturally the topic of music falls under Entertainment.  You therefore would click on the appropriate link under the primary category. You are able to save an enormous amount of time in finding individuals who are interested in what you have on your website.  In other words you have an instant network of possible niche followers.

The next question is how do you get this niche list to follow you?  Probably the best technique is to initially follow them.

The majority of Twitters will check and see who their followers are.  Once you have followed their tweets they will recognize you as a follower and in turn will look at your profile on Twitter.  You will need to set up an interesting profile that gets the prospect to follow you.  The profile should be sincere and very informational in nature.

Using the Twitter directory is a very efficient means of finding your customer base.…