Use your Twitter Time Efficient

Useful Tips To Follow To Ensure Your Time On Twitter Is Efficient

Twitter has become the most popular social networking site to hit the internet since Facebook and Myspace. It is now a very important tool that no business or individual seem to be able to live without. This is not only because the popularity has made it a necessity, but also the amount of business that can be both conducted and accomplished through this powerful social networking tool is more than enough reason to spend a little time each day to give updates and interact with your twitter followers. The gathering of information, gaining traffic to your website, and building relationships for your business is just a few of the benefits of using twitter for your business. There are a few tips however, that you should follow to ensure that you are spending all of your time on twitter in an efficient and beneficial manner.

1. Your Phone Number on Twitter

Just like you would with any other marketing campaign that you would do with your business, you need to track your advertising efforts that occur through twitter. Therefore when you are creating your twitter account you should consider using a different phone number so that you will be able to track the phone calls each and every month. This is similar to a print advertisement that you may have in a magazine, newspaper, or even a direct mail. It is very important that the phone number that you use will only be used for your twitter account. This way you will be able to see if you are actually reaching out to your followers.

2. Interact With The Followers

If you happen to notice someone that has a question, try and do your best to answer it to the best of your ability. If you see someone else looking for feedback, take the 30 seconds to check it out and provide the feedback they are asking for with your honest opinion. You will be amazed how many followers you will create when you interact with them. Your fellow tweeters love interaction and the more people that you interact with the better off you will be in creating followers for your business. The more you practice reciprocity on twitter the more your tweeting efforts will pay off.

3. One Twitter Personality

You need to be sure that you only have one person that is in charge of your twitter account. This will help avoid confusion with your followers.

4. Interest not popularity

An important thing that you need to remember when you have a twitter account is that you need to think about your followers that you are targeting. In order to avoid reaching out to the wrong followers to your business you need to be sure that you are writing relevant and useful updates to your twitter. This will allow you to gain only the followers that are truly interested in your product or service. Remember the more free information that you provide to your followers the more dependent that they will become on your tweets.

5. SEO or Twitter Optimization

It is extremely important that when you are writing your twitter updates that twitter does have a search engine of everyone’s tweets. If there happens to be a follower looking for the information that you may be supplying you want to make sure that it is easy for them to find and as a result hopefully become a follower. If you remember to use keywords or terms that are quite often used about your services, your services will appear higher on the search box in twitter. This can mean putting above thousands of other twitters which will give you a great advantage.

6. Twitter URL’s

Another important thing to remember when you are creating your updates is to be sure to use small URL’s. This will allow you write even more information about the certain link that you are posting and also the followers that may be searching for your tweet.

As you can see there are a variety of different tips that you need to follow when you are creating your twitter account. The more you follow these tips the more followers you will get and as a result hopefully the more income you will generate.…