Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Landscape Using Garden Pebbles

The use of pebbles for gardening and landscape is nothing new. In fact, garden pebbles Brisbane has today are used to add texture and visual interest to an outdoor space. If you are currently undergoing landscape or garden work, you need to consider adding them to make your outdoor space look more stylish. Aside from the visual interest that it brings, pebbles also reinforce the element of nature in an outdoor setting.

If you are curious about how you can use Brisbane garden pebbles to decorate your outdoor space, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. You can try out these creative ideas if you choose to use garden pebbles in Brisbane for your next landscaping project:

Ground Cover

This is the most common use for garden pebbles Brisbane has for your landscaping efforts. Instead of seeing the bare ground, you can add some creative detail to your landscape by using pebbles instead. There are more benefits to using pebbles to cover the ground than just aesthetic ones. First off, it provides an even finish to your pathway. Plus, it prevents erosion of the ground when it is constantly exposed to the elements such as rainfall. For heavily trafficked areas of your garden, use pebbles with up to 50-70mm depth of coverage.

garden pebbles brisbane

Base for Tree

Do you have a tree or shrub in your garden? You can also use garden pebbles Brisbane offers to add accent around its base. As with the path walks in your garden, seeing the ground directly can be unsightly or uneven. Using pebbles can provide visual accent and texture to your outdoor landscape.

Use with Stepping Stones

Instead of using pebbles directly on the pathway in your garden, you can also pair them with stepping stones. It provides a clear path and also adds some texture and style to this part of your garden.

Garden Mulch

Another creative idea you can use with garden pebbles would be as garden mulch. You can even use differently colored pebbles for a beautiful and aesthetic touch. The best part with using pebbles is that it will protect the soil from sunlight, weed or erosion.

Zen Garden

You can also find larger pebbles that can be used as accent pieces for your garden. This is a good option if you are going for that Zen garden effect. You can therefore combine different sized and colored pebbles to create dimension and contrast.

Potted Plants

The final tip for using garden pebbles would be on potted plants. Whether the plants are natural or artificial, adding pebbles onto the pot will create a more beautiful look for the potted plants. It provides texture and color to a traditional potted plant to reinforce its purpose as an ornamental piece in your garden.

To find best garden pebbles in Brisbane is easier than you think. You need to determine what style you want to achieve in order to find the ideal size, shape or color of pebbles to use. For that, you can find a wide range of pebble styles at Exotic Pebbles. You can get some style inspiration or glimpse into their range of decorative pebbles on their website at

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