How to Keep Your Tile and Grout Looking New

What is the best way to maintain your tile and grout? These generally take in a lot of wear particularly in areas with lots of foot traffic. Ordinarily, your grout should look shiny and bright for as long as possible but like all building and finishing materials, there are always subject to tear and wear. In many situations, even the best use of cleaning techniques and solutions will not prevent the dulling of your tiles and grout which often manifests itself in the form of mildewing or even yellowing of the surface. Even the colored tiles are affected in this way. One of the best investments that you could make is by contracting a professional tile and grout cleaning in Perth in order to help you in keeping these surfaces clean and bright at all times.

There are many reasons why your grout is going to get dirtier or even wear out relatively quickly. This is especially so where it is used in the bathrooms or washrooms which do not undergo regular cleaning and which are not exposed to sufficient sunshine.  Due to this kind of heavy use, there is always the need to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance so that you do not have to re-grout your tiles which can be a costly undertaking. Investing in tile and grout cleaning in Perth is going to save you money over the long haul. Many homeowners may not have the right experience in carrying out proper cleaning of tile and grout. Additionally, they may not have the best equipment or cleaning solutions that will deliver the best results. That is why it is always best to invest in expert tile and grout cleaning in Perth.

Grout that is poorly cleaned and maintained will absorb water and this will as a result cause mildewing. In case that happens, you will have to regrout and this is an option that is also quite costly. Another major cause of the dulling of your surfaces may be due to your local water supply which will cause staining. Here are some tips to keep your showers looking pretty and clean:

Change Your Shampoo

If your shampoo contains dyes and colorings, then it is going to have a devastating effect on your grout and it may be time to make a change. Choose a product that goes well with the color of your tiles and grout.

Avoid Using Harsh Cleaning Solvents

Some people make use of cleaning solvents that may temporarily make your grout clean but over the long term, they will strip away the water-repellency quality of your grout. This will have an even more serious impact in the future. Consult professional tile cleaners on the best cleaning solvents to use on your surfaces.


Sealing is always an important step for maintaining the look and quality of grout. Sealing your tile and grout after a thorough cleaning will add a water-repellency property which will make them more resistant to water hence more impervious and resistant to stains. They are, therefore, like to keep clean for a longer duration of time.

The Importance of a Squeegee

Invest in a good squeegee that will suck away excess water and hence keep your shower dry. When used after each shower, it will ensure that fewer water dries on the grout and hence less staining occurs due to any mineral deposits that are left behind.

These are some basic tips that you can use in order to ensure that your tile and grout are always in tip-top shape. They will lengthen their life and save you money on re-grouting. You must also schedule professional tile and grout cleaning in Perth in order to ensure that your surfaces are always clean at all times.

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